Claudio Victor Bollati is Biorigin’s new global sales manager for the animal nutrition sector. He has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Litoral National University, Argentina; a M.Sc. in Agribusiness from Austral University in Argentina, and a MBA from the Royal Agricultural College, UK.

Bollati has more than 10 year of experience in the veterinary industry. He was hired by Biorigin to strengthen the sales and the business strategy of the feed business. Bollati will be based in Barcelona, Spain, and report directly to Roberto Vituzzo, global feed business manager.


“Hiring Bollati is part of our effort to expand our presence in the global animal nutrition market,” said Vituzzo. “His experience and knowledge will be essential to concentrate our focus in regional sales, in addition of ensuring Biorigin Animal Nutrition strategic position as a supplier of added-value products.”