Cargill Animal Protein’s brand new HatchBrood facility in China is now in full operation.

The first round of production was completed on October 28, which was a memorable day for both Cargill and HatchTech.

In this facility, day-old chicks are being brooded in an optimally controlled environment during the crucial four days post-hatch. Chicks are able enjoy benefits like generous living space, uniform laminar airflow and direct access to light, feed and water. According to the companies involved, the Hatchbrood facility results in a lower mortality rate and reduced antibiotic use.


The facility is located in the rural town of Bantazhen in the Anhui province of China and is equipped with 10 HatchBrood units. The current total brooding capacity is 25 million chicks per year and the building is designed for a future expansion up to over 65 million chicks per year. A unique feature of this building is the two-story design, which results in a 50 percent footprint reduction.

“I am convinced that providing the chicks with an optimal start will result in improved performance in the field,” sid Salomon Carias, senior agricultural engineer at Cargill China. “Additionally, it also allows us to reduce the cycle-time in our farms, enabling us to increase the number of cycles per year.”