Nisseiken and its local distributor, Supervet International, Inc., were silver sponsors at the Seventh Asian Pig Veterinary Society (APVS) Congress, held October 25-27, in Manila, Philippines.

Participants including scientists, veterinarians and swine producers across Asia visited the Nisseiken and Supervet International booth, which showcased two key swine vaccines: AP125RX (AP Toxin vaccine covering all serotypes) and APM777 (AP plus MPS combined vaccine).

Established in 1947, Nisseiken Co. Ltd., is an animal health company headquartered in Tokyo, with a mission to broadly contribute to a global community with its business philosophy of being fair, honest and open.  


Nisseiken and Supervet support pig producers and veterinarians in the Philippines with science based information and practical advice on diseases, vaccinations, biosecurity and health care.

In addition to producing vaccines for swine, Nisseiken also produces vaccines for poultry, horses, cattle, dogs, cats and fish, as well as diagnostic agents produced using reliable technology for poultry, swine, horses and cattle.