Salmet and OES Inc. are partnering with Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California, to install four poultry housing systems and a custom control system on the Cal Poly campus for use by the school’s poultry education program.

Completely integrated in the system are: poultry rearing housing systems, enriched colony housing systems and alternative cage-free nest systems. In addition to the cage systems, electrical control systems including bird weighing, LED lighting systems, climate controls, video surveillance, feed weighing and feed management technology, egg conveying, egg counting and control as well as an entirely automated agricultural computer system.


“The Cal Poly Animal Science Department is excited to partner with Salmet and OES Inc. on the recent renovation of our Poultry Production Center. As an institution that prides itself on innovation and advancement, Cal Poly has made it a priority to find partners with similar values. Salmet is a true industry leader, with a 50-year history of producing exceptional quality enclosure systems for poultry, and the advanced integrated control systems from OES will provide our students with access to cutting edge technology. We are thrilled to offer our students exposure to these quality products, and look forward to an ongoing relationship with these industry partners,” said Dr. Jaymie Noland, Animal Science department head, Cal Poly State University.

In addition to the benefits for poultry science students at Cal Poly, the Salmet/OES systems will act as a showcase internationally for the ever expanding poultry industry. One student from Cal Poly will be accepting an internship in Germany at a Salmet production facility. This opportunity will allow for hands-on experience and training with the products, which will be integral in the function and maintenance of future operations at Cal Poly. With a constant movement towards improving animal welfare within the poultry industry, this relationship creates opportunity for increased education for all poultry science students on proper animal care while still learning the most modern techniques of operation for increasing efficiency and production.

The new Salmet poultry housing systems and control system were made possible thanks to a $20 million donation from Cal Poly alumni, Peter Oppenheimer, and his wife, Mary Beth.