The European Union’s Commission is making available a series of new tools – to be known as the agricultural dashboards - to support farmers and other interested parties to make informed choices about their marketing decisions.

The EU agri-food sector is ready to meet the growing world demand,” said Commissioner Phil Hogan, on presenting the new tool to EU Agriculture Ministers in the Council on November 16. “Our challenge as policymakers is to give our farmers and agri-business the tools and freedom to be all they can be.”

Access to accurate information, transparency and prompt publication are key elements to take better advantage of the market possibilities and face volatility, and the dashboards offer full access to all available market data through a single page, according to the press release.


Dashboards can be accessed online for five different sectors: dairy, beef, cereals, pig meat and poultry. They are made and updated almost daily on the basis of the latest national, European and international data, for example, on EU prices, monthly slaughterings and significant weather events in one screenshot. Building on experience with the dairy market and the Milk Market Observatory’s dashboard, the Commission has now added similar tools for pig meat, poultry meat, beef, cerealsand sugar.

The new tools can be seen as part of a package of measures to support the EU farming sector during a period of challenging market conditions.