Tippmann Innovation (Ti) recently partnered with Midwest Poultry Services to design and build an innovative facility for egg cooling, dry storage and processing.

Midwest Poultry is a 130-year-old family-owned egg farming and processing company. After several years of rapid growth, the operation needed to expand to keep pace with demand. But they also wanted a facility that incorporated cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of today’s egg market.


Ti worked with Midwest Poultry to create a series of customized solutions. With a rough sketch and a list of needs from Midwest Poultry, Ti engineers designed a detailed layout, sourced innovative technology, and began construction. When Midwest Poultry realized it would need 25% more capacity, the Ti team quickly modified plans and ordered materials to keep the timeline on track.

When finished, the project greatly increased Midwest Poultry’s efficiency and output. Waste heat from the coolers was captured and harnessed to reduce utility costs. The project design also boosted efficiency by making the multi-step egg processing operation smoother from start to finish.