Top pig companies world

The world’s 10 largest pig producers have been identified through a survey conducted by Pig International and WATT Global Media.

The rankings are based off of data collected as of October 1, 2015, and represent each company’s 2014 production numbers.

Three of the world’s top 10 pig producers are headquartered in the United States – Triumph Foods, The Maschhoffs and Seaboard Corp. – while two of the top 10 are headquartered in China.


The world’s largest pig producer, according to the data received, is WH Group, which is based in China but also has operations in the U.S., Poland, Romania and Mexico. WH Group, which is the parent company of U.S.-based Smithfield Foods, had an estimated 1.111 million sows in 2014.

Other countries represented in the top 10 include Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, France and Spain.

The world’s ten largest pig producing companies are ranked accordingly:

  1. WH Group, China, 1.111 million sows
  2. CP Group, Thailand, 544,000 sows
  3. Wen’s Food Group, China, 500,000 sows
  4. Triumph Foods, U.S., 408,000 sows
  5. BRF, Brazil, 380,000 sows
  6. NongHyup Agribusiness, South Korea, 280,000 sows
  7. Cooperl Arc Atlantique, France, 250,000 sows
  8. The Maschhoffs, U.S., 218,000 sows
  9. Seaboard Corp., U.S., 217,000 sows
  10. Vall Companys Grupo, Spain, 195,000 sows

This marks the second year Pig International has conducted the top pig companies survey.