For the second year, Pig International has collected information on the leading pork processors and producers in the world. These 10 charts show the leading processors and producers from selected countries and geographic regions.
For these listings, we chose to display the data for the top companies worldwide as a total of multinational operations. In regional or national listings, our numbers represent activities only within the company’s headquarters country. In many regions of the world, we chose to list the top companies in the leading producing countries, rather than listing the leading companies in a region, which would often be slanted towards one country in the region.
We also chose to include Mexico in our Latin American listings, restricting North America to the United States and Canada.
In making collections of data such as this, the editors are forced to make some decisions in how the data is sorted and displayed. The lines between producers and processors can be very hard to distinguish. Likewise, when collecting data on multinational companies, it can be difficult to determine production or capacity in different countries, or to determine the overall size of the company.
This data represents what we have collected as of October 1, 2015, and represents 2014 production numbers.
The link included in each listing will take you to more complete information on that company on You will also find information on companies that are not listed in these charts. Registration is required to view that data, but registration is free and only takes a few minutes.
As this is an ongoing project, we welcome your feedback. Please direct any comments to
Research: Peter Best, Ellen Posledni, Bruce Plantz, Ioannis Mavromichalis
Top 10 pig processors worldwide
Top 10 pig producers worldwide
Leading European pig processors by country
Leading European pig producers by country
Top 10 pig Chinese processors


Top Asian pig producers by country
Top US and Canadian pig processors
Top US and Canadian pig producers
Top Latin American pig processors by country
Top Latin American pig producers by country