MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the U.S. and Canada) has announced the launch of its High Quality Congress website to support producers of poultry, swine and aquaculture. Since 2012, MSD Animal Health’s High Quality Congresses have served the industry by bringing together a wide range of experts to discuss the latest advances in production and management across these species to ensure the success of producers by improving health, productivity and well-being of their animals.

“As our customers strive to meet growing consumer demand for safe, quality and affordable protein, as well as transparency in the way animals are raised, MSD Animal Health is playing a decisive role in helping them succeed,” said Fabio Paganini, Food Production Animal Business Unit, MSD Animal Health. “We are committed to innovating new solutions and providing value-added services such as the High Quality Congresses that can help producers provide high quality meat and continually earn the confidence of their customers.”

By visiting, producers can access news about upcoming and past Congresses, as well as a repository of information about MSD Animal Health programs and technologies, such as The Convenience Program®, a hatchery-oriented service delivering early protection for a more robust business, and RESPIG®, a dedicated swine health service that provides cutting-edge insights on many complex respiratory diseases.


“MSD Animal Health is pleased to serve the industry through our ongoing leadership and innovation in disease prevention and animal well-being,” said Paganini. “We will continue to provide the services and solutions our customers need to meet the world’s growing demands for quality protein.”

More than 3,000 industry professionals from nearly 100 countries have participated in 18 High Quality Congresses since the program’s inception.