The most recent News from USDA Radio was presented on Nov. 19.
Here are highlights:

How Much Did the Thanksgiving Meal Cost This Year?
You may have seen a slight increase in the cost of that big Thanksgiving meal this year. (Gary Crawford, Annemarie Kuhns and John Anderson)

Food Safety for Holiday Egg-based Foods.
Applying food safety tips to holiday recipes that call for eggs or egg-based ingredients will keep food borne bacteria away from your celebration. (Rod Bain and Eileen Haraminac of Michigan State University Extension)


I Came to the Turkey. I Thawed. I Conquered.
Preparing a holiday dinner is about more than cooking the turkey. It's the thawing process that can upset all your dinner plans, if you don't plan ahead.  (Gary Crawford and Tina Hanes)

Can You Trust Those Pop-Up Devices to Assure the Turkey Is Safely Done?
Can you fully trust that pop-up device on your turkey to give you a fully cooked and fully safe bird? (Gary Crawford and Tina Hanes)