Bachoco will invest three billion Mexican pesos (approximately US$181.5 million) in the next two years, according to the newspaper El Financiero, thus consolidating its presence in the Yucatan Peninsula. The goal is to increase production in the area to meet the US demand for processed products, such as nuggets and breaded chicken breast, as well as fertile eggs.

Next year, Bachoco will invest $1.5 billion pesos in the first phase of this expansion project. To begin, the company acquired a land of 500 hectares in the southern municipality of Tekax, where construction and preparation of the area has begun. The installation of a hatchery is foremost since the Yucatan will serve as the site providing fertile eggs to Bachoco farms across the country.


According to El Financiero, Bachoco is also constructing a processed products manufacturing plant in the same area dedicated to producing nuggets and breaded chicken breast, which will be exported for US restaurant chains.

The Yucatan provides Bachoco with an ideal place for growth which is why the company decided to invest heavily to have more breeding farms, currently operating in Tekax, Kinchil, and Tekity Sitpach. In the state capital of Merida, they also seek to strengthen the demand in US and Central America with the already existing hatchery in that city.