Michael Foods will continue to invest in cage-free egg production systems and will be an advocate for cage-free egg products with consumers and customers, the company stated on December 2.

Michael Foods, which is a subsidiary of Post Holdings, stated that as the demand for cage-free eggs and egg products grows, it will ensure that the shift happens in a way that is reasonable and sustainable for all stakeholders involved.

“Cage-free is emerging as the likely future of the egg industry,” said Jim Dwyer, Michael Foods’ President and CEO. “Our customers are increasingly requesting cage-free eggs and products made from cage-free eggs. We are actively working with our customers and suppliers to transition to cage-free housing to anticipate demand.”


Michael Foods is a founding member of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply (CSES), an alliance of egg farmers, retailers, foodservice operators, food manufacturers and academics.

Post Holdings, known widely for its range of breakfast cereal brands, purchased Michael Foods in June 2014. It expanded its involvement in the egg industry in October when it purchased Willamette Egg Farms, a producer, processor and wholesale distributor of eggs and egg products. Upon announcing its planned acquisition of Willamette Egg Farms, Post Holdings said it intended to consolidate Willamette Egg into the Michael Foods business.