Cruise line Royal Caribbean announced on December 3 that by 2022, all of its guests will only be served eggs from cage-free hens.  

“By moving to 100 percent cage-free eggs, we are not only delivering quality food, but acting responsibly when it comes to the welfare of animals in the food system,” Mike Jones, Royal Caribbean Cruises supply chain vice president, stated in the Royal Caribbean blog. “Royal Caribbean supports the continual movement of the food service industry in this direction, and remains committed to keeping the treatment of animals in consideration when supplying its fleet with food.”

Royal Caribbean first introduced cage-free eggs into its supply chain in 2010.


At the same time the cruise line announced its cage-free egg timeline, it reiterated its commitment to eliminate pork from farms that use gestation crates, also citing 2022 as the timeline for when the transition would be completed.

Royal Caribbean is one of several companies to recently announce changes toward cage-free eggs as demand for them grows.   

Jack in the Box and Qdoba restaurants revealed that all of their eggs will come from cage-free operations by 2025. General Mills also this week announced that it would phase out the use of eggs from caged hens by 2025. Michael Foods, announced on December 2 that it is continuing to invest in cage-free egg production and is advocating cage-free eggs to customers and consumers.