Grupo Bimbo, a leading Mexican and global baking company, and owner of brands like Bimbo, Marinela and Tía Rosa, committed to eliminating battery cages from its liquid and shell egg supply chain and only purchasing cage-free eggs in Mexico and globally. Grupo Bimbo will complete this transition to cage-free eggs in Mexico and globally by 2025.

Rosalío Rodríguez, global senior vice president of operations, Grupo Bimbo announced that the company’s efforts to carry out this transition in favor of animal welfare, adding that "With this commitment, Grupo Bimbo honors its Social Responsibility Model and we believe this action will become a common practice in the future."

Grupo Bimbo joins dozens of companies that have already committed to eliminating battery cage eggs from their supply chains, including Unilever, Nestlé, General Mills and Starbucks.


Grupo Bimbo has a presence in Mexico, United States, Canada, Latin America, China and the UK.

Humane Society International (HSI), one of the world’s largest animal protection organizations, welcomed Grupo Bimbo’s announcement.

Elissa Lane, deputy director of HSI Farm Animals, said: “Consumers care about the way animals are treated in food production and we are glad to see Bimbo taking these concerns seriously by committing to shifting to a 100 percent cage-free egg supply chain. Bimbo’s egg policy will improve the lives of countless animals and sends a clear message to the egg industry in Mexico and around the globe that cage-free production systems are the way forward.”