Several members of the Aviagen® senior management team recently visited Al Watania Poultry, a key parent stock customer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to recognize the company’s major contribution to the success of the Ross® 308 within the Middle East.

Al Watania, the leading supplier of processed chicken in the region, led by its CEO Dr. Mohammed Al Raji, met with Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen, president of International Business; Tom Exley, business manager for Middle East and Africa; Michael Garden, International Commercial Manager for Ross; and John Maguire in the Middle East.

Aviagen presented the company’s key management team members with plaques to commemorate the visit as well as mark the agriculture management team’s successes and achievements with the Ross 308 through Al Watania’s integrated business in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.


Henriksen said, “This visit allowed Aviagen to recognize the major contribution Al Watania has made to the success of making Ross the breed of choice in the Arab world. At Aviagen we pride ourselves on building and maintaining successful and lasting relationships while rewarding loyalty with all key stakeholders and distributors. We are hugely impressed by Al Watania’s excellent infrastructure and performance of its teams and this was our opportunity to show our appreciation.”

The two parties used the meeting to discuss the recent successes of its cooperation, which dates back to the 1990s. At the same time, they looked ahead to the future of the market and how it can continue to flourish in the years ahead, working towards the common goal of strengthening local production of quality chicken at affordable prices in the Kingdom.

Exley added, “With continued poultry consumption growth predicted throughout the region, we are very supportive and excited by Al Watania’s plans for continued expansion, which will undoubtedly lead to further opportunities for Aviagen and the Ross brand in Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab region.”