A recent round of the Arbor Acres training school was hosted by Cairo Poultry Company and organized by Misr. Poultry Grandparents, the local Arbor Acres distributor for over 30 years. Among the 35 trainees were farm managers, engineers, nutritionists, hatchery specialists and 15 company owners.

The primary objective of the Arbor Acres curriculum is to educate and update trainees to ensure that they are aware of the most current practices when managing Arbor Acres birds. This is important due to the changing needs of the birds because of constantly improving selection, which offers better performance.

Speakers at the event included specialists from the Arbor Acres team, professors from the University of Cairo and CPC personnel. Teaching topics covered recent disease challenges and prevention with a major focus on biosecurity, bird physiology and behavior, and modern lighting advice. The school also featured the modern art of male management, prevention of floor eggs and maintaining chick quality throughout the production chain. There were presentations such as an in-depth nutritional overview and needs of the modern Arbor Acres bird. Trainees said that live case studies—on chick brooding, hatchery trouble shooting and disease identification—were extremely useful.


Dr. Khaled Mostafa, general manager of the grandparent division at CPC, said: "We believe that our long term relationship with Arbor Acres ensures that we can work together to achieve our joint goal of educating the new generations who are in management positions today. They are the future of the poultry industry in Egypt and we are committed to ensuring that they, along with their teams, are up to date with the latest in the poultry industry.”

Puzant Dakessian, International Commercial Manager Arbor Acres, Aviagen, said: "The entire event was put together with meticulous attention to detail, from the venue to the selection of speakers and subjects, including the popular live case studies. This local school is now at an international level. Fifty years ago Arbor Acres pioneered the introduction of production courses, and these events show our continued commitment to education."