Established in Russia only two years ago, the Ross® 140 Club has become so popular and successful with customers that Aviagen® LLC, Russia has introduced three tiers of awards.

They are:

  • Standard (for one flock which produced more than 140 chicks/HH)
  • Gold (for one flock which produced more than 145 chicks/HH)
  • Platinum (given if five flocks produced more than 140 chicks/HH)


The Platinum level was introduced at the beginning of 2015, and its first award recipient is OAO Yaroslavsky Broiler.

The company’s performance rose from 140.9 chicks/HH to 150.50 chicks/HH. Elena Mitina, production director, OAO Yaroslavsky Broiler, commented: “We are delighted to receive the first-ever Platinum Ross 140 Club Award. I am confident that this is not the limit for our Ross 308 flocks and that we are capable of achieving even higher production results.”

During the award presentation ceremony at the company’s head office, Elman Azizov, director general, added: “We are very pleased that Aviagen LLC pays close attention to the parent stock results of the country’s poultry producers. We are proud to have achieved such excellent performance but this does not mean we can rest on our laurels – now we have to maintain and improve our results. I would like to say well done to all the team of OAO Yaroslavsky Broiler for this Platinum award.”