The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has lifted the ban placed on poultry exhibitions and other gatherings of birds. They will be permitted at fairs, swap meets, exotic sales, petting zoos and other events where birds are gathered or commingled.

The directive to prohibit birds from exhibition was made on May 15 in the midst of the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The ban was put into place to minimize spread of HPAI and protect the state’s domestic bird population. Lifting the poultry exhibition ban comes as a result of no new cases of HPAI in Minnesota since June 5.


During the spring 2015 outbreak, 108 farms spanning 23 counties were infected with HPAI in Minnesota. All infected farms have completed cleaning and disinfection of their facilities as of Nov. 13, and 104 farms have been cleared to restock their barns with birds.

West Virgina has lifted a similar ban; for more information, click here.