A.T. Ferrell has presented two international companies with a 2015 Dealer Innovation Award; they are Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing in Hereford, TX, and Alvan Blanch Group in the United Kingdom.

The A.T. Ferrell 2015 Dealer Innovation Awards recognize industry partners for their innovative thinking and commitment to delivering versatile, capable, proven solutions that are engineered without compromise.

“We’ve been in business since 1939 at Ferrell-Ross and work with our suppliers to utilize the latest technologies to deliver high-quality products to our customers around the world,” says Steve Stuller, president of A.T. Ferrell Company. “We work with a number of dealers around the world and are thrilled to recognize Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing and the Alvan Blanch Group for their innovative thinking and commitment to Ferrell-Ross.”


The companies were awarded for their continued support to Ferrell-Ross in delivering custom-built steam flaked grain solutions.

“We are proud to receive a 2015 Dealer Innovation Award as we know A.T. Ferrell works with a number of excellent dealers around the world,” said David C. Ibach, Jr. of Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing. “Our ‘customer first’ approach to business is similar to that of A.T. Ferrell which makes it a great partnership, and we are looking forward to working together in the future.”

Keith Eyles of Alvan Blanch Group says, “It’s an honor to receive a Dealer Innovation Award from A.T. Ferrell in recognition of our partnership and hard work in the European, Middle East and African markets.”