The Spanish company Produmix, a renowned specialist in piglet nutrition, recently held a conference in Taiwan on swine health and nutrition. Organized in cooperation with its local distributor, the meeting drew veterinarians, big producers in the area and sub-distributors from several provinces. It centered on new trends and research on nutrition, digestive systems and health in piglets.

One of the key features was the lecture on the problems caused by the lack of homogeneity of animals during the post-weaning period. Given the concern this is generating in pig production today, a specific chapter was reserved to focusing on the extra costs this problem can generate for the grower.


Different lines of action were recommended to reduce the impact of the great variability in piglet weights. In this presentation, Produmix and participants analyzed the data obtained from continuous trials carried out on farms, proving that Produmix basemixes actively contribute to the homogeneity of piglet litters.