Aviagen® SweChick Ab, the business unit responsible for supplies of parent stock to Finland, recently participated in a seminar in Tampere organized by Finland's Broiler Association. The meeting had more than 120 attendees and focused mainly on current issues in Finland and offered practical advice for producers.

The seminar also served as an opportunity for Aviagen to welcome four new members to the Ross® 140 Club. The 140 Club celebrates the achievements of egg producers who reach or exceed 140 chicks per hen housed.

Hannu Tiuttu, technical and sales manager of Aviagen SweChick Ab, said, “It is always a great pleasure for us when we can recognize producers for their outstanding work and commitment to detail. We are confident the 140 Club aids in bolstering results by encouraging continuous production improvements.”


Speakers came from a variety of different backgrounds including veterinary and academia and covered a wide range of topics. Aviagen was represented with three speakers. Nutritionist Eija Helander spoke on parent stock (PS) feeding based on latest international research. Alan Thomson, regional technical manager Western Europe, followed with an insight into sustainable poultry farming and how the breeding company supports that initiative.

Stuart Thomson, technical service manager, closed the seminar with a presentation on good first week management. He concluded with a look at how Ross® 308 results have developed over the past few years and how they will progress, which was of particular interest to the producers in attendance.

Hannu added, “We are glad that Finland´s Broiler Association invited us and that the presentations by our speakers were so well received. Delegates were also very happy to get copies of our PS Pocket Guide in Finnish which reinforces our support at a local level.”