Ros Agro of Russia has become a minority stakeholder in the Uralbroiler Group of Companies. Uralbroiler is one of the largest meat producers in the Ural Federal District with output of around 110,000 tons of poultry and 18,000 tons of pork.

Ros Agro says it plans to become a major owner of Uralbroiler’s enterprises within two months.

The story of Ros Agro (previously Rusagro) – among the largest vertically-integrated agriculture industry holding companies in Russia and the CIS - began in 1995 with sugar importation. Later, it added the processing of raw sugar cane in Russia, becoming one of the country’s largest companies in this sector over the last decade. The company added a pig breeding complex in Belgorod to its portfolio in 2006, followed by a slaughterhouse and processing plant in Tambov, as well as expanding its land bank and arable business. In 2011, as Ros Agro PLC, it became a public company on the London stock exchange.


In 2014, the company’s pork production exceeded 186,000 metric tons, giving it a market share of 6.3 percent and making it Russia’s second largest pig meat producer.

“The meat market in the European part of Russia has reached maturity and the growth of the company in this segment and region will be focusing on operational improvement and processing depth increase,” commented Maxim Basov, a member of the board of directors of Ros Agro PLC and CEO of the group, in the company’s latest quarterly report.