From WATTAgNet:

In October 2014, Rose Acre Farms announced it would expand its egg operations into Arizona. More than a year later, the company says it is progressing with its plans to build a new $80 million egg production complex in La Paz County, Arizona, with a company official saying it will be 12-14 more months before the farm begins producing eggs.

Rose Acre, the second-largest egg producer in the United States, celebrated the groundbreaking of its potential 2,600-acre farm that will house 3 million laying hens near the community of Bouse, Arizona, in June 2015. Chips Everhart, a representative of Rose Acre Farms, described the future facility as the embodiment of the American Dream:  to stop by a lonely site in the Arizona desert and envision an egg farm contributing to the local economy.

Once completed, the farm will house about 3 million hens and will provide between 80 and 100 jobs. The facility will also be the home to a pullet farm, a rail spur and a feed milling operation.

W.N. “Chips” Everhart, Rose Acre Farms’ new projects coordinator, said the company will be ready to hire in spring 2016, although the company is looking to hire security and construction workers before then.


According to the WATT Global Media Top Companies Database, Rose Acre Farms specializes in table eggs and egg products, and has about 24.6 million laying hens.

Rose Acre Farms to expand egg operations into Arizona

Rose Acre Farms is looking to operate a 2600-acre farm with 3 million laying hens near the community of Bouse in La Paz County, Arizona.