Land O’Lakes Inc. has launched a nutritional additives focus within its animal nutrition business. Known as PMI Nutritional Additives, the business will work with all feed nutritionists, manufacturers, veterinarians and producers seeking to deliver value, efficacy and strong results through their livestock feed.

PMI Nutritional Additives is focused on products that optimize performance in animals in two key areas — nutrient utilization and gut health and integrity. There are several nutritional additives available for poultry, swine, dairy and beef cattle, and more will follow.

“Within the animal production industry, Land O’Lakes’ animal nutrition business delivers proven feed solutions backed by extensive research know-how both in-house, through our animal nutrition Ph.Ds, and in the field,” says Dave Hoogmoed, chief operating officer for animal nutrition. “With our nutritional additives business, we’re extending our research capabilities, partnerships and distribution to meet the needs of a growing segment of customers.”


In addition to extensive research capabilities, PMI Nutritional Additives products are backed by practical insights and expertise in how to use products in U.S.-based formulations as well as a deep understanding of the health, management and nutrition dynamic within each specie group. Strong partnerships with industry-leading companies across the world ensure access to advanced feed components providing diverse feed additive competency.

“This is a natural and exciting extension of our quality, innovation and expertise,” says Tim Makens, general manager of PMI Nutritional Additives. “We really view this as another way we can work with our partners to ensure the highest levels of performance in America’s livestock.”