Wen’s Food Group recently signed an agreement involving a new project-a pig complex-with the government of Suzhou City, Anhui Province.

According to the report of Wen’s Group, the company plans to invest US$92.88 million to build a feed mill, four pig breeding farms and an office building. Based on the model of “Company Plus Family Farms,”the project adopts the integrated operation that concerns the whole industrial chain. The products to be produced are sold by the complex can put 600,000 head pigs on the market.

Wen’s Group currently owns more than 170 subsidiaries in 23 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). The total assets of Wen’s total US$3.84 billion and the sales revenue of the group in 2014 was US$5.88 billion.


In terms of industrial structure, the business of the Group is dominated by traditional animal farming of which the output value of the poultry division (40 percent) and pig division (55 percent) accounts for 95 percent of the total output value of Wen’s Group.

The size of the hog supply of Wen’s to the domestic market is now the largest among all players in China. In 2014, a total of 12.18 million hogs were sold by Wen’s Group.