Ralco has appointed Brian Knochenmus to president of Ralco, a 44-year-old science and technology company. Brian had served as VP of the company prior to succeeding his father, Jon, who will remain active at the company as president emeritus and advisor. Brian is the third generation to lead the family-owned business.

“I am truly humbled to step into this leadership role. My grandfather started this company out of his garage, and over the years Ralco has enjoyed significant growth. We are going to continue that trend by providing the agriculture and aquaculture industries with proprietary natural technologies that help create safe and abundant food,” Brian said.

Brian said he will advance the spirit of innovation instilled in him by his father. The company was founded on a patented Microbial Catalyst® technology and has introduced products such as Birthright baby pig milk replacerment, Regano®, EnMax® and Generate®.


“We have a great history of innovation. Our unique approach provides our customers with profitable, safe products and services,” Brian said. “I believe in practical technologies that work in real-world application.”

Ralco provides technologies that promote the performance of millions of poultry, livestock, shrimp and crop production acres around world. However, Brian said customer and consumer safety has always been and will remain at the forefront of decision making at the company.

“Everyone desires safe food. Yet, never before have so many people relied on so few for their food, and never has the population been as skeptical about their food supply. It is our mission to perfect natural technologies that safely help create an abundant global food supply,” Brian said.