Rembrandt Foods’ plans for a new $92 million egg processing facility in Winnebago County, Iowa, are on hold until further notice.

Plans for the new plant were initially announced in February 2015, before the company had flocks affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza. The plant was expected to create 197 jobs and process eggs supplied from new egg production facilities.

According to an Associated Press report in the Newton Daily News, Rembrandt informed the Winn-Worth-Betco economic development agency that the company intends to re-evaluate its needs and finances once production ramps up, to determine a course of action and potential timeline for the project.


The avian influenza outbreak of 2015 affected about half of the company’s flocks, and the company stated it expects it to take as long as two years to resume full production.

Rembrandt Foods’ most substantial avian influenza-related loss occurred at a farm in Rembrandt, Iowa, where an estimated 5.5 million layers were lost. Rembrandt Foods estimated that it would begin restocking that farm in January 2016.

Rembrandt Foods is the third largest egg producer in the United States, according to the February 2015 Egg Industry Top Egg Company survey, with 14.5 million hens housed on December 31, 2014.