A new agreement involves DanAvl, and is expected to double exports of Danish pig genes and breeding worldwide, building on existing strong demand for the country’s pig breeding stock and semen, according to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (Landbrug and Fødevarer). DanAvl is a global concept and brand, owned and managed by the Danish Pig Research Centre.

“Denmark is well-known for making good genes in pig production,” said Council Chairman, Erik Larsen. “This is the result of decades of organizing breeding work and the strong bond between Danish pig producers, who stand together behind the development of genetics.”

Today, DanBred sells around 400,000 breeding animals and two million doses of semen to export markets, primarily in northern Europe. Added to domestic sales, annual turnover amounts to around DKK2 billion (US$292 million).

The new partnership allows sales and production to come together under the umbrella of the DanBred company as majority owner. The company will continue to manage overall marketing, directly or through its agents and partners. Minority owner of the new company is the sales company, DanBred International and SPF Denmark.


“This new cooperation will cement and further develop our position in the global markets for pig genetics,” said Larsen, “Our goal over the next five or six years is to double our exports and expand into new markets worldwide. It creates value for customers, partners, suppliers and owners - including the Danish pig sector as a whole, which is behind the results already achieved.”

Further details over the new organization will be finalized over the coming months.

“Recent analysis has shown that we could do more to exploit the market potential,” added Larsen. “The root cause was an outdated business model that can be rectified in this new cooperation. The new DanBred model will build support around a clear and future-oriented structure that will deliver for the Danish pig industry.”