EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, will once again include the World Poultry Show in 2016. This means next year’s EuroTier will be the only international exhibition for animal producers to include all livestock sectors – poultry, pigs, beef cattle, dairy, sheep and aquaculture – in such a comprehensive fashion. The event will take place from Nov. 15 – 18 at the Hanover Exhibitions Grounds.

EuroTier will also include exhibition areas for EnergyDecentral, German Biogas and Veterinary Medicine. Scheduled meetings are the BIOGAS Convention and the Congress of The Federal Association of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (BPT).


EuroTier 2014 set a new benchmark for the fair, with 156,500 visitors – 30,000 of whom came from outside Germany. Solutions and products were displayed by 2,368 exhibitors, and 1,145 of these were also based outside the host nation.

Decision makers with investment intentions from agribusinesses made up the majority of visitors, but purchasing specialists, consultants, dealers, veterinarians and professionals from research and development organizations were also among the key visitors at EuroTier.