Best management practices to counter current issues facing the poultry industry in the Middle East were the topic of the fifth annual seminar held by Cobb grandparent distributor Al Watania Egypt and sponsored by Cobb Europe.

During the two-day seminar in Egypt, 70 attendees from key integrations and independent producers heard Cobb specialists talk about different aspects of management such as rearing, production and health.

“There is a long history of partnership between Cobb and Al Watania Poultry in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt to produce competitive, safe protein for consumers — our goal in serving the industry in the Middle East,” said Hosam Amro, technical manager for Cobb Europe. “Such an event is an excellent opportunity for our Cobb Europe team to listen and talk with the key producers in Egypt.


“It enables us to understand customers’ requirements to feed back to our research team, as well as to put across the best management practice to support the industry in the current difficult time with elevated local feed ingredient prices and disease challenges. Farmers and integrators need to be able to produce a competitive, profitable product.”

Tore Mercan, sales and technical director of Cobb Europe, provided a company update, followed by presentations on the genetics of today and tomorrow. Speakers were Dr. Randy Borg, European director of genetics, parent stock female management, and Mohamad Kallas, Cobb regional technical manager. Hosam Amro gave a presentation on male management to optimize fertility and brooding management.

Other Cobb speakers included Dr. Andre Derkx, senior veterinarian; Matthew Wilson, technical services manager; Dr. Andrea Pizzabiocca, technical support; Dr. Eduardo Costa, hatchery specialist; and Edward Diehl, nutritionist.