Another Rondeel® stable will open in The Netherlands on Jan. 16 with an "Open Day" being organized by Rondell BV and owner Dik Verbeek. Anyone interested in sustainable poultry housing is invited to attend.

Rondeel® is designed for the sustainable production of consumption eggs. The concept has been developed by the Vencomatic Group in collaboration with the University of Wageningen and the Animal Protection Service. Chickens find all they need in this round stable, according to researchers and consumers. Rondeel provides various possibilities for the chickens to forage and take a dust-bath; to eat, drink and lay their eggs in a safe, secure place; and find privacy in their night quarters.


The possibilities and space provided for chickens in the Rondeel have led to a rating of three stars of the Animal Welfare Quality Mark for a better life, from the Animal Protection service. Three stars is the maximum rating for Animal Welfare friendly food production. Rondeel® eggs are packed with seven in a round box that is made of bio-based and biodegradable packaging, lowering Rondeel’s carbon foot print. Based on this concept, Rondeel® received the Environment Quality Mark (Milieukeur).

Vencomatic Group is a family-owned business that designs innovative solutions for poultry housing all over the world.