Diamond V has announced the launch of its next generation dairy technology—NutriTek®. This innovative product is Diamond V’s most advanced nutritional health product for all dairy animals.
NutriTek provides a new level of support for optimal digestive health and balanced immune function, which translates into healthy cows performing to their genetic potential. NutriTek works with the natural biology of the dairy cow to support:


  • Rumen health
  • Dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Maintenance of body weight
  • Efficient feed utilization
  • Milk production over entire lactation

"Milk production requires a vast amount of energy and nutrients," says Diamond V Ruminant Product Manager Julia Hamann, DVM. "The cow’s body naturally coordinates the use of these resources to support her genetic potential for milk production."
Dr. Hamann notes that cows also experience production challenges year-round. These challenges include pregnancy, calving, milk production, and environmental stressors, like heat stress.
"Optimal rumen fermentation, digestibility, and antioxidant capability make more energy and nutrients available to support milk production and immune health," Dr. Hamann says. "By working in synergy with the cow's biology, NutriTek supports her capacity to initiate and manage an appropriate response in the face of any production challenge."
Dr. Curtis Harms, director North America Dairy, points out that advances in dairy genetics, management, and nutrition continue to increase the potential for naturally higher milk production.
"However, to reach this potential, dairies need new solutions designed to optimize digestion, stabilize the gastrointestinal environment, and help maintain a balanced immune system,” Dr. Harms says.
Diamond V began developing NutriTek more than five years ago. Purina Animal Nutrition, a key research and business partner of Diamond V, began animal studies in 2011 and was instrumental in bringing the new product to market.
Dr. Harms says, "NutriTek is the newest addition to the company’s Dairy 365 Program. This next generation product joins Original XPC and Original XP, which are supported by decades of research validating the benefits of feeding Diamond V Original products and proven every day on dairy farms worldwide."
Only Diamond V Original products carry a functional claim reviewed and accepted by the U.S. FDA to "support dry matter intake (DMI) of dairy cows when fed as part of a total mixed ration during the first 70 days of lactation." High DMI is critical to milk production, body condition, and overall cow health and wellness.
"Research shows that NutriTek provides all the proven benefits of our Original products, and then goes beyond to support dairy health and performance at the next level, which producers need now and going forward,” Dr. Harms says.