China’s feed production output was more than 200 million tons in 2015, according to the country’s Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Production Wang Junxun.

Production of pig feed reached 83.5 million tons, down 3 percent year on year; production of feed for layers was 25.6 million tons, up 7 percent compared with last year; production of feed for broilers totaled 54 million tons, an increase of 2 percent year on year; aquafeed production was 55 million tons, down 5 percent year on year.


Wang, speaking at the Symposium on the Development of the Feed Industry During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period in late December in Guangzhou, China, said the number of feed companies in China has decreased from more than 10,000 to 6,000, and there are several feed companies that are expanding from feed production to animal farming and even food processing.

The symposium was hosted by China Feed Industry Association jointly with Guangdong Feed Industry Association. At the event, Deputy Inspector Luo Zhanguang also shared the overview of the feed industry in Guangdong Province. According to Luo, Guangdong has led the nation in feed production for 10 consecutive years, with the total production in 2015 being 25 million tons. The favorable market for feed production of Guangdong can be accounted by its large population and high demand for meat products.