Cobb-Vantress plans to begin construction on a new feed mill in Joanna, South Carolina early in 2016, with completion planned for mid-2017. The company intends to invest $22 million for the project.

When completed, the new feed mill will create about 12 new jobs.

The state-of-the art mill will supply poultry feed to Cobb’s grandparent breeder farms in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, as well as a great grandparent farm in Georgia.

“We want to ensure that we have a long-term internal feed supply that will give us complete control over the consistence and quality of the end product,” said Dr. Steve Bolden, director of world technical services for Cobb.

“This is Cobb’s third feed mill in the U.S., the others being in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and in Albany, Kentucky. With the completion of the Joanna feed mill, we will internally produce all of our feed supply for pedigree operations through to grandparents.”

Based on current needs, the mill will produce around 1,200 tons per week using the latest technology for pathogen reduction including a hygieniser for heat treating the feed ingredients before pelleting. Additionally, environmental controls will regulate air flow to prevent cross contamination.

Another feature of the mill will be a dedicated rail spur in order for supplies to be transported from other production regions in the U.S. Grain may also be used from the local market for delivery by truck.

The Weitz Company, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, was awarded the design and construction contract.