Construction has started on a new hatchery for Al Bustan Farms Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, a part of the Emirates International Group under Emirates Business Group LLC. With over 10,000 employees in the region, the group is active in agriculture, real estate, industry and hospitality.

Al Bustan identified a need for new slow-growing indigenous chicken for meat production in the regional market and set out to produce its own new brand. To date, the brand associated with the breed has not been made public.


C.E.O. Mahmoud Al Hadad and Senior Production Manager Dr. Patra chose EMKA Incubators because of their trust in the equipment and the high level of service offered. Their existing quail hatchery, the largest in the UAE, already uses EMKA Incubators.

What Al Bustan calls their first new “Pure Line hatchery” will be equipped exclusively with small-capacity EMKA Incubators chosen for their quality of build and precise incubational steering needed for these delicate birds.