Hendrix Genetics is acquiring a 20 percent minority interest in Vepymo, an exclusive distributor of Hendrix Genetics for the Isa, Bovans and Dekalb brands. By signing a letter of intent, the two companies have given a strong signal that their collaboration will be further strengthened.

“We are very happy about this step,” said Hans Pyfferoen, manager of Vepymo. “There is now 100 percent clarity among our buyers and our staff that Vepymo is, and will continue to be, an important link between the breeding farms and the poultry farmers in North West Europe.”

“Vepymo is a leading player in the European network of hatcheries and is responsible for the distribution of the Isa, Bovans and Dekalb brands,” said Servé Hermans, director of the Layers Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics. “Our collaboration has always been excellent and this strategic cooperation will only improve this,” he added.


As signified by the naming of each company, Vepymo and Hendrix Genetics are companies built from the strength of the family unit. “The family origin of our businesses gives us a great platform of shared values and culture on which to build.” Pyfferoen said.

The Belgian hatchery and rearing organization of Vepymo supplies 17-week old hens, day-old chicks and hatching eggs, and is the market leader in Belgium. Vepymo has a Dutch subsidiary with a strongly growing market share in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the company is active in Germany and, through its sister company Incubel, is active in several export markets in the Middle East, Africa and Russia. In order to supply high-quality layers to poultry farmers, Vepymo put a new “state of the art” hatchery into use in Poppel, Belgium, in 2012.