Metcam, a fabricator of sheet metal components and assemblies for OEMs, has announced the launch of a new partnership to manufacture and market Best Built Cages, a lightweight aluminum poultry cage. Best Built Cages is a joint venture between Metcam and Langford Welding & Fabrication of Roberta, GA. The companies will introduce the new product at the International Production & Processing Expo, Jan. 26-28.

Chuck Langford, an experienced fabricator and inventor of the product, sought out Metcam for its fabrication and design expertise, as well as production capacity for the product, which is currently patent pending.

“Metcam’s design team understood my vision and had the infrastructure in place to help rapidly bring Best Built Cages to a demanding market,” explained Chuck Langford, inventor and president of Langford Welding & Fabrication.

“Historically, poultry cages have been made of galvanized steel frames and components that utilize wire for the sides of the cages for airflow,” continued Langford. “The weight of steel limits the number and size of cages that may be loaded on a trailer in view of trailer and total truck weight restrictions.”


Best Built Cages’ all aluminum design allows for a lighter weight construction resulting in a cage that weighs 50% less than standard steel cages. Lighter weight cages allow for greater fuel efficiency and a reduction in vehicle maintenance costs per load. Lighter weight cages also allow for a 30% increase in chicken capacity per load through an increase in the number of cages as opposed to increasing the density of chickens per cage. Further, Best Built Cages’ commercial-grade, modular design allows for faster and less expensive repairs and is made of 100% recyclable materials.

“Metcam has long been in the business of manufacturing custom sheet metal components for our commercial customers as well as helping facilitate much of the logistics of moving their product out the door,” said Metcam President Bruce Hagenau. “When we were approached by Langford for manufacturing assistance, we recognized an opportunity to bring Metcam’s signature, superior quality to the product and elected to formalize the Best Built Cages partnership.”

Metcam will be operating the entire supply chain for the product, from design and engineering to manufacturing, assembly and distribution. This effort marks another milestone for Metcam, as they move from component manufacture, assembly and logistics to complete lifecycle manufacturing.