AB Vista has been in the process of better defining what it is as a company, according to Richard Cooper, managing director. The launch of a new website at www.abvista.com is giving the company the opportunity to extend on its theme of bringing extraordinary science to life.

“We're about good science -- science that means something to the industry,” said Cooper. AB Vista is bringing that science to life with a series on online videos on its website. The first video was launched in January and deals with phytase superdosing. “This is a 15-minute video with Dr. Mike Bedford, the company’s research director, highlighting the new research that explains how phytases work in the animal and what superdosing is. 



This video is the first of a series. Topics covered in the videos will include best practice principles for combating phytate; advances in technology to support precise feed formulation and achieving more consistent performance gains through the use of xylanase.

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