Newcastle disease has been confirmed in a backyard poultry flock in Bulgaria. The latest report is the first confirmed case of the disease in the country since 2013.

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency notified the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) on Feburary 10 that the virus had been found in a backyard flock in the village of Nenkovo in the Kardzali municipality.

Two tests were conducted at the national reference laboratory, with both coming back positive for Newcastle disease.

According to a report from the OIE, there were 301 susceptible birds in the flock. Of those, 61 had died and the remaining 240 were destroyed.


Control measures taken included movement control inside the country, screening, zoning, surveillance within and outside the protention zone, destruction of animal products, disinfection, vaccination and disposal of carcasses, byproducts and waste.

OIE stated that it will submit follow-up reports on the Newcastle disease situation in Bulgaria until it is resolved.

Bulgaria is just one of several countries that are dealing with Newcastle disease. According to the OIE, Israel has had seven outbreaks of the disease in recent months, affecting as many as 19,400 birds. The Philippines is also struggling with Newcastle disease, as the country’s Department of Agriculture is urging poultry owners to vaccinate their flocks amid the deaths of 41,000 birds.