Many companies in the meat processing, animal feed, poultry hatchery and poultry housing industries introduced new products at the 2016 International Production & Processing Expo. Following are a handful of these new products, and you can also browse all the products in our Agriculture Products database. Don't see your product in the database? Email a press release and photo to:


  1. Nutraferma LactoPlan direct-fed microbial: Nutraferma LactoPlan is a Lactobacillus plantarum direct-fed microbial that is both heat-stable (to 95C) and shelf-stable and can be incorporated into pelleted feed, maintaining its high cell count after extended periods of storage.
  2. NatureForm SmartCenterPro hatchery software: NatureForm SmartCenterPro is a software platform that fully harnesses data from every process in the hatchery. Incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems can be seamlessly connected in a Web-based approach capable of comprehensive data capture from every layer of hatchery operations.
  3. Jamesway H3 environmental control system: The Jamesway H3 environmental control system for the modern poultry hatchery is a single, integrated and automated system for the environmental control of incubators and hatcheries.
  4. Cra-Vac Sure-Bond Plus pellet binder: Cra-Vac Sure-Bond Plus pellet binder is a weatherproofing and binding additive for pelleted feed or cubes in animal and poultry feeds. The product has a free-formaldehyde value at an almost undetectable level: 0.1 percent.
  5. Metcam Best Built Cages aluminum poultry cage: Metcam, in a joint venture with Langford Welding & Fabrication, offers the Best Built Cages aluminum poultry cage. The all-aluminum design allows for a lighter weight construction, resulting in a cage that weighs 50 percent less than standard steel cages.
  6. ClearH2O GelDrop applicator: The ClearH2O GelDrop applicator is designed to dispense HydroDrop and DietDrop, the non-wetting gels offered by ClearH2O, for optimum topical application of vaccines, probiotics, nutrients, therapeutics and other dietary ingredients for day-old chicks and poults.
  7. Superior Radiant Products EvenGROW ALTX radiant heater: The Superior Radiant Products EvenGROW ALTX radiant heater is engineered for poultry houses and agricultural applications to radiate the heat directly where it is needed, without hot spots.
  8. Rotem RDT-5 digital thermostat: The Rotem RDT-5 digital thermostat is a five stage digital thermostat that works in conjunction with Rotem controllers or as a stand-alone unit, using its own temperature to detect failures and activate backup systems.
  9. Corbion Purac Verdad Avanta C100 optimized powder formulation: Corbion Purac Verdad Avanta C100 is an optimized powder formulation that provides 90-120 days of Listeria control and extends shelf life for natural uncured meats.
  10. Marel Stork Poultry Processing AeroScalder scalding system: The Marel Stork Poultry Processing AeroScalder scalding system is a closed system with moisturized hot air to loosen feathers.