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on October 9, 2008

UK: Outdated nutritional guidelines compromise dairy cow performance

Mineral supplementation should be based on the latest research to maximize production and exploit the full genetic potential of dairy cows.

The performance potential of modern dairy cows is often severely compromised because many nutritional advisers still rely on outdated guidelines to calculate mineral supplement requirements, according to Mole Valley Feed Solutions in the United Kingdom.

"Mineral supplements are a key to exploiting the full genetic potential and productivity of modern dairy cows, yet they are often under-valued and utilised," states Richard Keel of Mole Valley Feed Solutions. "For example, five times more Vitamin E is now potentially required for lactating dairy cows compared with just a few years ago."

The company emphasises the need for producers to analyse silages accurately and tailor mineral supplementation based on the latest research to maximize production throughout the winter months.

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