The happy egg co., leading humanely produced free range egg brand, is issuing a nationwide call to action in support of hen welfare. In tandem with TV Host and best-selling author, Ross Mathews, the company is launching its #FlockingHappy pledge to encourage consumers to make more humane, informed purchasing decisions when buying eggs. For every click supporting the #FlockingHappy pledge, the happy egg co. will donate $1—and up to $25,000—to Compassion in World Farming, a leader in farm animal welfare, and humane and sustainable food production.

True free range, as defined by the happy egg co., is built on the foundation that egg-laying hens, with 30-inch wingspans, should be afforded abundant space to stretch, forage and spend their days. The happy egg co. provides its hens with outdoor access each and every day on acres of pasture equivalent in size to six football fields.


"The unfortunate reality is the majority of eggs still come from hens that live indoors their entire lives with 85% of them confined in cages no bigger than an iPad," says Jen Danby, the chief marketing officer of the happy egg co. "Americans care about how their food is sourced and we know that the humane treatment of animals is a priority. By launching the #FlockingHappy pledge, we want to inform consumers that individual purchasing decisions can make a huge impact on enhancing the lives of farm animals."

The happy egg co. partnered with internationally recognized Compassion in World Farming, and will donate up to $25,000 to the non-profit organization. Each time a consumer clicks support for the #FlockingHappy pledge, the happy egg co. will donate $1 to Compassion in World Farming. Founded more than 40 years ago, Compassion in World Farming believes that farm animals do not need to suffer and are committed to peacefully finding a better way than intensive housing systems for hens. With its $25,000 donation, the happy egg co. aims to further support Compassion in World Farming's initiative to raise the bar on the living conditions for farm animals.

"The money will be used towards Compassion's innovative U.S. work to drive positive change from within the food industry itself," explains Leah Garces, US Director of Compassion in World Farming. "The happy egg co.'s contribution to the U.S. program will help towards transforming public attitudes and corporate policy in food and farming, directly resulting in improving the lives of farm animals."

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