Egg Farmers of Canada and Chicken Farmers of Canada are proud to be the Visionary Sponsors of Forum for Young Canadians, a program that supports an aspiring generation of Canadian leaders.

Every year, Forum for Young Canadians welcomes hundreds of students from across the country, who are seeking a unique experience to learn first-hand about governance and the Parliamentary process. During their stay in Ottawa, students will meet with Members of Parliament and Senators, learn about industry-government relations, and forge new relationships with other young motivated Canadians.

"Egg Farmers of Canada has been a strong supporter of Forum for the past four years. We believe that Forum can be an incredible stepping stone for the younger generation who wishes to contribute positively to our society," says Tim Lambert, Chief Executive Officer of Egg Farmers of Canada.

Chicken Farmers of Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada will have the chance to conduct workshop sessions with the students to educate them on the link that exists between their food and politics.


"Chicken Farmers of Canada welcomes the opportunity to engage Canada's brightest students in learning about Canadian agriculture, and the safe, high-quality food our farmers produce. It is important for Canadians of all ages to understand where our food comes from," says Mike Dungate, Executive Director of Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Forum for Young Canadians works with many organizations that recognize and support Canadian youth and the Forum program. The partnership with the Canadian egg and chicken industries helps bring insightful information to the students about the importance of agriculture in Canada.

"As an alumni, I truly believe in the life-changing experience of Forum and in the power of Canadian youth," says Justine Hendricks, chair of Forum for Young Canadians. I am so glad to see that the Chicken Farmers of Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada also believe in the program and in the future leaders of our country. We are happy to partner with them for the 2016 sessions and our 40th anniversary."

Forum for Young Canadians took place from Feb. 15 to 20, and is slated for March 6 to 11, and March 19 to 24.