InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health has acquired Agrindustria, an Italian analytical laboratory specializing in research and analysis: agribusiness, animal science, toxicology and pollutants.

This acquisition is expected to strengthen the company's support capacity worldwide.

The analysis laboratories subsidiary of InVivo NSA, InVivo Labs, has three analysis and research laboratories in France and a network of analysis laboratories in other countries including Brazil, China, and Vietnam.

The acquisition of Agrindustria enables InVivo Labs to strengthen its positions in southern Europe, the company stated in a press release. It also expands its range of analyses and expertise and increases its ability to provide a top of the range support to its national and international clients.

Based in Modena for over 30 years, the Agrindustria analysis laboratory develops chemical and microbiological analyses for animal nutrition, human nutrition and the wine industry. The company also conducts contamination diagnostics and environment-related inspection plans (soil, air and water).


Recognized for the quality of its research and outstanding expertise in the detection of dioxins, pesticides and mycotoxins, the company now has 20 employees and more than 15 certifications and accreditations covering its sector.

Incorporating Agrindustria into the InVivo Labs analysis cluster will enable InVivo Labs to expand its offering on the Italian nutrition market and also expand its analysis and diagnostics portfolio, thanks to Agrindustria’s expertise in the field of dioxins and pesticides, according to a press release from the company.

Dr. Cesare Angeli, Agrindustria’s chairman, stated: "I am very happy with this merger. It allows Agrindustria to accelerate its development and means. We can now rely on the resources of an international group with a global network of analysis laboratories."

Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of InVivo NSA added: "Acquiring Agrindustria falls within the development strategy for our analysis laboratory activities abroad. In addition, the synergies between our teams and areas of expertise will enable us to expand our global offer, strengthen the power of our research and analysis, and offer an enhanced range of analyses even better suited to the Italian market."