Hendrix Genetics Ltda., located in Salto, Brazil, which represents the Layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics, will set up its own commercial operation in hatching and distribution of Dekalb layers in the Brazilian market. The first deliveries are planned to take place in June, the company stated in a press release.

Through its own operations Hendrix Genetics creates direct access for Brazilian egg producers to premium quality, day-old Dekalb chicks directly from the global leader in layer genetics. Other brands of Hendrix Genetics are available through strategic partners Mercoaves, who distributes Bovans White and ISA Brown and Globoaves/Interaves, distributor of Hisex White and Hisex Brown. 


Marco de Almeida, general manager of Hendrix Genetics, said: “We are committed to the egg producers in this country that have been loyal to our brands and see this as the opportunity to guarantee continuous supply of Dekalb White and Dekalb Brown layers.”

Servé Hermans, managing director of the Layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics, added: “With the right combination of strategic partners and own operations and direct access to the genetic engine our breeding program provides we are convinced to reach our breeding target of 500 first quality eggs per hen housed in the Brazilian market in the near future.”