GNP Company®, the Midwest’s leading provider of premium natural chicken, is announcing the launch of a new line of fully cooked artisan chicken sausages under its Gold’n Plump® brand—a name known for making good chicken its mission. The new offering packs the goodness of chicken into sausages that can easily be heated on the stovetop or grill for quick, convenient meals.

Five varieties, ranging from smoky sweet to savory heat, are Jalapeño Cheddar, Italian Cheese & Peppers, Spinach & Asiago, Hickory Smoked Apple and Bacon Gouda. Available for grocers’ refrigerated sausage section in the future, the sausages are big on artisan flavor, and they are on-trend for today’s diverse palates.  


Gold’n Plump Fully Cooked Sausages are made with premium-quality, boneless skinless thigh meat, from chickens that have been raised with no antibiotics-ever, and real ingredients such as bacon; cheeses like Gouda, aged Parmesan and Asiago; peppers; herbs and spices. Plus, the new chicken sausages are free of monosodium glutamate (MSG), fillers, preservatives, nitrates/nitrites, gluten and artificial flavors and colors.

“Refrigerated dinner sausages are a high growth category, and consumers are looking for products offering leaner protein and adventurous flavors,” says Sara Danforth, the new product development manager at GNP Company. “We see a significant opportunity for consumer demand for our new chicken sausage line.”

Packing 14 to 15 grams of high-quality protein per link and up to 76 percent less fat than pork sausages, these new sausages fit the bill for today’s busy, protein-seeking consumers.

The artisan flavors are what excite Danforth the most. “In the development of these sausages, our culinary experts worked in our test kitchen to carefully combine and layer flavors to satisfy consumers seeking sausages with distinctive combinations,” Danforth explains. “Consumers in our taste tests loved the flavors as well as the texture.”