There’s no one, perfect solution for antibiotic-free poultry production, according to veterinarians at leading companies in the industry.

Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, vice president of food safety and quality at Perdue Farms, and Dr. Jeff Courtney, director of veterinarian services at Pilgrim's Pride, and Dr. Brian Wooming, senior staff veterinarian at Cargill Turkey Products, shared their views on antibiotic-free production (ABF) issues ranging from training growers on antibiotic-free practices to using curative antibiotics in an ABF environment.

The experts spoke at a panel on the judicious use of antibiotics in the poultry industry hosted by WATT Global Media and sponsored by DuPont. These short videos highlight a handful of responses given at the January 27 event at the 2016 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to watch the full event.


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