Nigel Joice and his son Patrick were recently featured in Poultry International about how they've successfully been burning poultry litter on their farm in the U.K. According to the Joices, there are numerous benefits to burning poultry litter, including:

  1. It results in a reduced environmental footprint through the use of low-emission technology.
  2. It offers significant cost and energy savings in the form of lower expenses for fuel and litter removal, as well as lower heating costs.
  3. It offers an increased return on investment, including an increase in feed rate conversion.
  4. It is self-sustaining and can be handled remotely or monitored locally via an intelligent data panel.
  5. It results in a reusable heat source, keeping birds warmer for a longer period of time at a lower cost than gas.


Learn more about burning poultry litter in this month's digital edition of Poultry International.