In an effort to take advantage of poultry and feed trade opportunities with Iran, SunSafa and the Dutch Poultry Centre are organizing the Business Trade Mission 2016 Tour, which will be held September 29-October 2 in Tehran.

Participants of the tour will meet members of the Iranian poultry, beef and feed industries to gain a further understanding of Iranian culture and commerce and to establish business relationships.

The tour will take place after the sanctions of Iran have been lifted. Those sanctions, according to tour organizers, had cut off the country of 80 million people from the global financial system, slashed Iran’s exports and imposed severe economic hardship on ordinary Iranians.


Iran is the ninth largest broiler meat producer and 10th largest table egg producer in the world, with more than 20,000 chicken growers, 1,500 table egg producers, 450 day-old chick producers and 170 hatchery units. The country also has more than 400 feed mills with a nominal capacity of 6 million tons.

People interested in participating in the Business Trade Mission 2016 tour can register online through the SunSafa website.