The Big Dutchman Group, based in Vechta-Calveslage, Germany, has acquired the Dutch company Inno+.

With 25 employees and a turnover of about EUR7 million (US$7.6 million), Inno+ is one of Europe's leading suppliers of exhaust air treatment and heat recovery systems for modern animal husbandry.

Inno+ is headquartered in Panningen, in the province of Limburg near the Dutch-German border. Business activities focus on Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Maurice Ortmans, who has been managing director of Inno+ since its foundation in 2003, will continue to manage the company and advance technical development.


"With the Inno+ products, we will now be able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of exhaust air treatment and heat recovery systems," said Big Dutchman board member Bernd Meerpohl. "Combining our technical knowledge will allow us to work on practical solutions even more extensively in the future, thus reducing the amount of antibiotics administered as well as further improving animal welfare and increasing the environmental compatibility of livestock housing."

Inno+ received a DLG (German Agricultural Society) certificate for its exhaust air treatment system for growing heavy broilers. Other Inno+ exhaust air treatment systems are currently being certified by the DLG.

The company's reputation in the industry has been based for years on their innovative and comprehensive methods for poultry climate control.